About Konfeks

About Konfeks Textile


Konfeks has been established in the year of 1997 by Mete Aşkınoğlu.

The company took a pro-active role in fast-fashion business and effectively bridged between the vendors and the customers. The long years of experience in the market has strictly taught, that to stay stabler in the market can only be possible with the right Quality, just in time and continuous innovation.

Konfeks is quite versatile as running it's fashion service in the garment groups such as; circular knitted groups, woven item groups, denim, non-denim, towels&bath robes, sock & leggings.

We haveo ur own design team who travels around the fashion capitals London, Paris, Milan, New York, Barcelona, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Seoul to source new trends. We spare an investment also on shopping samples to be fast and stay stable on creativity.

Our main customers are, mail order companies, fast fashion retailers, boutiques, chain stores and department stores. Our products fulfill the technical standards and social requirements (BSCI, SEDEX) of the customers.